Project Description

Kristine Kate Pradilla

Youngest of 4 siblings, with brother having the neurological disorder, a father working as a bank messenger and her mother as a volunteer health worker, Kristine Kate Pradilla from Gawad Kalinga Village, Taguig City, Philippines, crept into cycles of struggles to fulfil the basic necessities of life! With limited resources, it wasn’t less than a dream for Kristine to study at prestigious De La Salle University. She had resigned herself to fate realizing the plight of her parents who lived day-by-day, constantly struggling to make the ends meet.

Through outreach efforts of the University, Kristine got in touch with Carmel Puertollano who apprised her about AkarakA. Kristine studied hard to qualify for the entrance exam and secured the scholarship. She completed her BA in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs. Kristine is now working with Traveloka as Market & Partnership Support. Financially independent, she is also able to support her family who no longer has to struggle to sustain a livelihood. This brought an end to a vicious cycle of poverty. At AkarakA, we believe in eradicating poverty in a sustainable way.


The privilege of having a university education is a gift that changed everything for my family – starting with my father.

It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.

Chizzy Nnamchi • Director and Co-Founder